Best Pumpkin Pie

Are you looking for the perfect dessert to take to your Thanksgiving potluck? Look no further! This recipe is SO delicious and easy to make, and you don’t have to worry about cracks. You’ll look like a professional pumpkin pie … Continue reading

Baked Rose Apple

Hellooooo! I hope you are having a fantastic day! This recipe is super fun to make and doesn’t require too many ingredients! Everyone I shared these with were very impressed by both the taste and the aesthetics of it! Watch … Continue reading

Japanese Cold Ramen

This dish is also known as “Hiyashi Chuka”. Although the presentation of this ramen is beautiful, the taste is even more spectacular. I tried Japanese cold ramen for the first time in Hawaii many many years ago. I craved that … Continue reading

EASY Kimchi Fried Rice

This recipe is very simple compared to the other one, and just as good, if not better! Just make sure you have well-fermented kimchi! INGREDIENTS: 2 servings 1 cup kimchi chopped (with juices) 2-3 thin slices of Spam cubed 3/4 … Continue reading