March 2017 Favorites

Hello! I can’t believe it’s already March… It seems like the new year just started and we’re already approaching summer! I wrote my first Favorites list of random stuff that I found useful and cool this month. I will hopefully … Continue reading

7 Month Update On My Menstrual Cup

Hello hello! I’m back again with an update about my Blossom Period Cup after using it for the past seven months! You can read my first post HERE. If you don’t want to read through the whole thing and want to … Continue reading

Best Affordable Camera For Your Adventures + Pictures

Not an Ad. I just really like this camera. c:Before going to Europe over the summer, I wanted to get a camera because my old iPhone 5s is always out of space. I wanted to get something affordable yet rugged … Continue reading

Beauty Products Worth the Hype

Hello hello! Hope you are having a wonderful week! These are the products that I love and can’t live without! Enjoy! Dr. Mascara Fixer Let me just start by saying that this product is a miracle in a tube and anyone … Continue reading

Effective Study Methods No One Tells You About

  How do you study? Are you like many other students who highlight and reread text over and over? Research has shown that these methods, although very popular, are not the most effective ways to study. In my last year of … Continue reading

I Tried a Menstrual Cup and You Should Too

Disclaimer: Don’t read if period talk bothers you!!! The menstrual cup I bought last month has to be the best investment of my life. I am so excited to post about this and I hope that this post can be … Continue reading