Best Affordable Camera For Your Adventures + Pictures

Not an Ad. I just really like this camera. c:Before going to Europe over the summer, I wanted to get a camera because my old iPhone 5s is always out of space. I wanted to get something affordable yet rugged so that I could carry it around comfortably without a bulky case. I also knew that I didn’t want a GoPro because I love to take videos AND pictures. After much research and contemplation, I decided to get the Nikon Coolpix AW130 (waterproof/shatterproof), along with a 64gb SD card so that I would never have to worry about running out of space. The camera was $277 on Amazon (I think it’s more expensive now) and the SD card was under $20.

This camera is the best investment I have made in the past year because I have taken it to not only Europe, but Korea, Hawaii, and Disneyland. In most of these places, there was heavy rain (rain follows our family T_T) and several underwater activities, but this camera was able to hold up perfectly. I loved that I could carry this camera around everywhere without feeling like I was going to break it if it dropped or got wet. It’s a very sturdy camera that can be dropped from up to 7ft (2.1m) and taken underwater up to 100ft (30m).

The best part about this camera for vlogging purposes is the separate button (the red button below) that allows you to record videos without any hassles of switching through a menu. I can easily record with the press of a button and take pictures while I’m recording movies. It’s not the best at autofocusing, but has shown to be great most of the time.

Another aspect that I love about the camera is that it can easily transport pictures to a phone or iPad through wi-fi. It requires you to download an app to view and download pictures (no videos), but it’s quick and easy when I want access to photos right away.

Unfortunately, this camera requires you to open the sealed hatch in order to charge the device, which means that the inside can be vulnerable to dust and water during charging.

Overall, this camera has given my family a ton of beautiful pictures and videos to look back on and it’s a great camera for a non-professional to use to capture memories!

Here are some pictures I took with the Nikon Coolpix AW130:


The Eiffel Tower on a cloudy/rainy night. We actually came hours before and waited for over half an hour because my sister had the time wrong. We ended up going to eat delicious pizza and carbonara at a nearby restaurant and then coming back afterwards. (France)


First non-rainy day during our trip to Europe. Rome was stunning. (Italy)


Korea @ grandma’s house with stray kitty. Her mama left her behind so my grandma took care of her. We named her Curry because she had a bite of my mom’s curry and loved it! (Korea)


Disneyland in pouring rain. It was wet and cold but the pictures came out beautifully. The camera flash captured our family and the castle much better than the iPhone 6+ (Disneyland, Los Angeles)


Another picture in the rain. The raindrops added a natural light “filter” to our pictures. (Disneyland, Los Angeles)


Fish at Molokini Crater. I was able to capture fish swimming and drifting together! It was windy and rainy this day so the waves were rough! Most of the boat was sea sick both on the way to the crater and back, and even snorkeling in this water was a struggle. Still, we got to see huge sea urchins, an eel, colorful fish, and lots of coral! (Maui) *Gif quality worse than actual video footage*

giphy (1).gif

My super cute parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in Hawaii. This was at the blowhole at Wai’anapanapa State Park. You can very clearly see both my parents personalities in this gif HAHA. *Gif quality worse than actual footage* (Maui)


My sister walking to Twin Falls on the Road to Hana (Maui)


Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

You can check out the camera HERE.


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