Beauty Products Worth the Hype

Hello hello! Hope you are having a wonderful week!

These are the products that I love and can’t live without! Enjoy!

Dr. Mascara Fixer

Let me just start by saying that this product is a miracle in a tube and anyone who has hard to curl eyelashes MUST try it. Until I got this mascara, my eyelash curler was a useless tool that only yanked my precious, sparse eyelashes out without holding curls. I didn’t even care for mascaras because even the ones made to hold curls would not work for me. When I heard about this product, I was skeptical because I felt like I had already tried everything to help my eyelashes hold a curl.

The first time I used this, I almost cried! This product can keep your eyelashes standing like it’s no one’s business. All you have to do is apply the Dr. Mascara Fixer after curling your lashes, wait until it’s dry, then use your regular mascara. You must make sure it’s completely dry before adding mascara. I usually continue with my makeup and then go back to do mascara at the end. This product makes sure that my mascara does not budge AT ALL throughout the day, keeps my eyelashes super curled, and adds a little bit of volume as well.

The Dr. Fixer Mascara is perfect for you if:

  • Your eyelashes don’t stay curled
  • Your mascara smudges on to your skin
  • You want your mascara to last all day (This thing can withstand any type of environment/climate)

This extremely affordable product has become a staple in my makeup daily routine that I can’t live without! This is also a great Secret Santa gift idea for anyone with stubborn eyelashes!

Get the Dr. Mascara Fixer HERE.

Perfect Whip Senka Cleanser

I had seen this cleanser in Asian supermarkets for many years but only recently found out about the hype. I ran out of my last cleanser awhile back and have been using my very old Gentle Cetaphil cleanser for the past couple months. While it is very gentle, it doesn’t feel like it’s cleaning my face very well because of the lotion-y texture of the cleanser. The Perfect Whip intrigued me because of its extreme foaminess and I finally bought a tube of it today! I first went to a Japanese grocery store nearby but it was $11 so I drove to a Chinese market and it was on sale for $6!!! I also stopped by Daiso to get cheap foaming net.

For those you who may not know, a foaming net is a mini loofah that is designed to make super foam to wash your face with. You don’t use the actual net on your face, but lather it up and squeeze out the foam from the loofah. It sounds silly and I can’t believe I drove to two different Daiso’s to buy it, but I actually LOVE it because it turns any type of soap into SUPER SUDS.

The Perfect Whip cleanser is very thick and pearly. I squeezed out a small pea-sized amount on to my wet foaming net and started to lather it in my hands. A few seconds later, I was left with the most luscious mound of foam in my hands. It felt like shaving cream (and kinda smelled like it too) and the texture of the foam was very thick and bouncy. When I started to wash my face, it felt so smooth and fluffy that I spent a good five minutes playing with the foam on my face. It washed off easily and my face felt like it was actually clean! I followed up with a sheet mask to replenish my skin of all the lost moisture. I have heard that some people dislike the cleanser because it is drying, but because I moisturized well, I didn’t have that problem.

Get the Perfect Whip Cleanser HERE.

Get the Foaming Net HERE.

Beauty Blender

When I saw the price of the Beauty Blender, I immediately looked for cheaper alternatives. I got the Real Techniques and used them with no complaints until they started to crumble apart.

During my trip in Korea, I got the Marshmallow Puff from Too Cool For School. It was cute, cheap, and I was desperately in need of a new sponge after my Real Techniques started to leave orange puffs all over my face. Worst 5 dollars ever spent. This sponge had almost no bounce to it and did not change in texture even when wet. I only used it a few times on my face before I stopped using it because it was that bad. Because of its inflexible texture, I found it hard to blend in my concealer without pushing hard into my skin and rubbing. Thankfully, I recently bought a Sephora makeup kit that came with a Beauty Blender. I could finally see why people were spending 20 dollars on a sponge!

Even with the first touch, the Beauty Blender felt different. It was so much softer and delicate than the other sponges I had tried. When wet, the sponge expanded and felt EVEN softer to the touch. The first time I used it to blend my concealer, I was sold! It spread my concealer effortlessly and blended everything in a matter of seconds. If you want a flawless and easy application, try the Beauty Blender!

Get the Beauty Blender HERE.

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water (All-in-1)

Best/most affordable makeup remover. I initially bought this to replace my Sonia Kashuk Eye Makeup Remover when Target was sold out of them. I got the blue bottle rather than the pink bottle so that it could remove my waterproof eye makeup, but didn’t expect to remove my entire face makeup with it. The bottle is much bigger AND cheaper than the Sonia Kashuk remover.

It has a layer of “oil” at the top so the product should be shaken well before use. Also, the oily layer tends to settle back very quickly so I have to shake the bottle before saturating each cotton pad. This cleansing water is great for taking off eye makeup, but more surprisingly, it works wonderfully as a face makeup remover as well! I was worried that the oily layer would cause my face to break out but it hasn’t caused any problems on my face. It claims to work for all skin types (even sensitive), and does not contain oil, alcohol, or fragrances.

I use three cotton pads from Daiso (one for each eye and one for my face) with plenty of the cleansing water and it is very effective at making my skin feel clean before actually washing my face. The best part about this makeup remover is that even though I have been using it generously since September (3 months), I am only half way through the bottle! It’s affordable, effective, and long-lasting, making this product a staple in my beauty routine.

Get the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water HERE.


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