3 Best Korean BBQ Restaurants in Los Angeles

Hi everyone! This isn’t my typical recipe post, but it is about food! These are my favorite Korean BBQ restaurants in LA, so if you ever visit, check them out! Also, I linked each restaurant to their Yelp pages so if you want to see more reviews or pictures, click on the name of the restaurant below! ENJOY!!

1. Sanya (If you want to go somewhere cheap): Sanya is not a place you want to go to if you’re looking to impress a potential significant other…unless you’re trying to impress them with really cheap and delicious AYCE (all you can eat) BBQ. You will leave the restaurant smelling of meat and needing to use the restroom, so please, if you are trying to impress, do not go here. If you’re comfortable with the person/people you are eating with, and want to experience a good ol’ FC (food coma), this is the place for you!

To make ordering easy for you, I’ll just say this. Order #1:brisket and #2:bulgogi (great meat choices for everyone), soybean soup, steamed egg, water (served upon request), and rice. Also, you may want to ask for an extra bowl of potato salad in advance because it WILL be gone before the meat makes its way to the table. Too many people who are unfamiliar with this restaurant miss out on the extras that come with the meal just because they don’t read the menu well enough or because they don’t know what to order.

What makes this place special:

  • Cheap! ($11.99 per person for the basic set. Tbh you don’t need the more expensive options)
  • Delicious brisket
  • Best soy sauce (it’s tangy with pickled onions, jalapeños, and cucumbers)
  • Unlimited meat
This is just the beginning.

This is just the beginning.

#1: Brisket or Chadolbaegi

#1: Brisket or Chadolbaegi

2. Honey Pig (If you love pork belly and have at least 3 people in your party): A lot of people think this place is too expensive…and it is if you don’t have at least 3 people in your party (preferably 4). This restaurant requires you to order a minimum of two servings of meat, which calculates to a total of around 50 dollars. Expensive!!! However, the two servings are extremely large and definitely enough to fill up to four bellies.

My favorite, and the only meat I recommend there, is the regular pork belly (samgyupsal). Don’t get the “special” pork belly that they say is thinner. The thin pork belly burns very quickly resulting in yucky meat. Prepare your stomach for the crispy pork belly paired with kimchi and soy bean sprouts cooked in melted fat, all wrapped in a rice cake wrap, salad, and lettuce, and dipped in sesame oil. The sour kimchi is what makes this restaurant so special, and let’s be honest here…have you ever cooked your meat on a pot lid before? Lastly, long after you have already unbuttoned your jeans and when the meat is finally finished…comes the fried rice! The waiter mixes rice and other delicious ingredients onto the seasoned lid, then flattens the rice to make it nice and crispy. Your body weight is already 5% Honey Pig now, but you’re about to make it 6%. Food coma for dayss. And a few trips to the bathroom.

What makes this place special:

  • Delicious kimchi
  • Great green onion “salad”
  • Large portions
  • You cook meat on a lid
I think this is what you call #foodporn

I think this is what you call #foodporn

Wrap with pork belly (dipped in sesame oil), kimchi, salad, and rice cake paper

Wrap with pork belly (dipped in sesame oil), kimchi, salad, and rice cake paper

Fried rice

Fried rice

3. Moodaepo II (If you want good AYCE Korean BBQ in a trendy and modern place): Every time I have come to Moodaepo 2, yes Moodaepo 2, not 1, I see extremely good looking waiters. The large modern space is lined with large TV screens that blare Kpop or other music videos, and occasionally, a birthday song with a live video of the birthday person. It feels quite special (and embarrassing) to have a video of your blank and confused face on a TV for complete strangers stuffing their faces with BBQ to see, but it’s also a really cool experience. On top of the very trendy atmosphere, the meat is also delicious. The only downside is that it is about double the price of Sanya. If you’re trying to impress people who are not from LA, take them here!

What makes this place special:

  • Trendy music
  • Great for large parties
  • Good for embarrassing birthday girls/boys
  • Fun vibe
  • Cute waiters all dressed in black and looking professional
Meat comes out on nicer plates

Meat comes out on nicer plates. Cilantro salad! Are you a cilantro lover or hater?


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